100-Hour Esalen Massage Course 27.8.-10.9. 2022 in Portugal with Perry Holloman and Eva-Maria Leve

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The 100-Hour Professional Certificate in Esalen Massage Course offers a comprehensive training for certified bodyworkers who wish to add the Esalen approach to their professional repertoire. The Esalen Institute pioneered many approaches that integrate body, mind, and spirit, and Esalen Massage builds on this rich history in the depth of its curriculum. This method is a “presence-based” practice of awareness which uses simple human touch to awaken inherent processes of healing existing within every cell of the human body. A naturally arising feature of Esalen Massage in the experience of the client is a sense of restored, embodied wholeness through this powerful healing art.

Each day begins with training in centering, grounding, and awakening our senses through meditation, yoga, and Movement PracticeÔ. Instruction in Esalen’s holistic approach to massage begins with a focus on our quality of touch through the signature long stroke. The long stroke is an integrating technique which connects all of the different aspects of this work into a flowing whole. It reminds the body that it is composed mostly of water, and that flowing, fluid motion is its birthright. Lectures, demonstrations, and supervised practice will be important parts of each day with special emphasis on proper body mechanics while massaging one another. Relevant knowledge in Anatomy and Physiology are integrated into the teaching of this art. Students will learn communication skills for interacting with clients in a clear, compassionate manner.

Instruction will be given in English, with translation into Spanish.

Upon satisfactory course completion which includes documentation of thirty practice massages at your home site, an Esalen Institute-recognized Certificate in Esalen® Massage for 100 hours will be issued. The certification fee is $150. This is a professional training with limited admission. Tuition is EU 2000, with a discount of EU 200 available to those who register by 31.05.2022


German and English speaking students please register through Eva-Maria Leve
email: eva.maria.leve@me.com

Spanish Speaking students please register through Xavier Gil
email: masajecaliforniano@gmail.com